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来源:喜欢就来 作者:喜欢就来 人气: 发布时间:2016-10-06
摘要:Dark Horses for MVP? (self.nba) 谁会成为新赛季的MVP黑马? Bullsshotrob 5 points an hour ago Stephen Curry will most likely suffer from voters fatigue and will lose some votes due to Kevin Durant joining GSW. It will be hard for him to im

Dark Horses for MVP? (self.nba)



Bullsshotrob 5 points an hour ago 

Stephen Curry will most likely suffer from voter's fatigue and will lose some votes due to Kevin Durant joining GSW. It will be hard for him to improve even more.

Kevin Durant is hated now so will be an unpopular candidate who will also lose votes to Curry.

LeBron James usually coasts the regular season but even then, and saves himself for finals as he knows he has enough MVPs to secure his legacy.

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul will also be in a similar situation to KD and Curry if both have great seasons.

Isaiah Thomas, Andre Drummond and Kyle Lowry would have to make a massive step up and put up big numbers if they wanted to be considered.

James Harden is a tricky case, I can see him having a big season and leading the Rockets to 3rd and put up big numbers so I can see him being a special case.

This leaves 3 people. Damian Lillard, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. I personally think Leonard has the best chances just because he has improved so much every year. He is arguably one of the most efficient players in the league. Also the Spurs will more than likely finish 2nd in the Western Conference.

Therefore I see Kawhi Leonard as this year's MVP with Paul George and Damian Lillard as dark horse candidates.







这下就只剩下3个人了, 利拉德,伦纳德和乔治。 我个人觉得伦纳德最有机会,因为他每年都提高很多,谈、可以说是联盟最高效的球员之一,而很可能会成为西部2号种子。


Bucksradpandaparty 14 points an hour ago* 

Player : Biggest Obstacle

Paul George : Seeding

James Harden : Seeding

Kyrie: Not being the best player on his team by a good margine

Lowry: Doesn't put up big numbers & the playoffs last season put a bad taste in everyone's mouths

My Front-Runners





保罗乔治: 最大的障碍(球队成绩种子排名)






Magicmickeyquicknumbers 5 points 24 minutes ago 

Lowry's biggest obstacle is just not being good enough.


76ersMartavis 1 point 8 minutes ago 

I'll get some hate for this but same with Paul George honestly.


76ersKhanstipated 11 points an hour ago 

James Harden 30/7/7 on 45/40/85 shooting splits playing defense.


Heatyaboybaconandlettuce 1 point an hour ago 

wow such a dark horse


[HOU] James Hardenirfrag 4 points 46 minutes ago 

Considering he didn't make All NBA last season, yes he is a dark horse. Not only would Harden have to play another great season, but also get the media to shut the fuck about him.

考虑到哈登上赛季都没有入选NBA最佳阵容,是的,他算黑马。 哈登不仅必须要打出另一个碉堡的赛季表现,还必须得让媒体尼玛闭上嘴。

Heatyaboybaconandlettuce 1 point 43 minutes ago 

He is not a dark horse just because he didn't make all-NBA team...everyone knows he deserved at LEAST 2nd team (real people with a basketball mind know he deserved unanimous 1st team). He came 2nd in MVP voting 2 years ago, he got crucified by media last year b/c the team sucked ass besides him and they had a terrible record relative to their expectations. He was actually better last year than he was in 14-15, so please explain to me how he is a dark horse sir.


Kings4everpurple 1 point 15 minutes ago 

Obviously he deserved an all NBA team spot, everyone says that, but the fact of the matter is that he didn't get it. The same people that vote for that vote for MVP, so if they're leaving him off all NBA, they're excluding him from MVP too, making him a dark horse

哈登显然配得上一个NBA最佳阵容名额, 大家都这么说,但是事实上他就是没有入选最佳阵容。这些投票的人同样也是投MVP的人,所以如果他们能把哈登拦在最佳阵容门外,他们也会在MVP中抛开他,这样他就算是匹黑马。

ISHLDPROBABLYBWRKING 9 points 2 hours ago 

Chris Paul


[LAC] Matt BarnesBig_Ballmers 3 points an hour ago 

This would be so awesome


LakersTheBronJamesHarden 7 points an hour ago 

Draymond going to win it with

9.8 PPG

9.5 RPG

9.1 APG

1.6 SPG

1.4 BPG

1.9 TOPG

56 FG%

33 3PT%

77% FT%

Warriors 77-5


场均交出9.8分 9.5篮板9.1助攻1.6抢断1.4盖帽1.9失误 56%投篮命中率 33%三分命中率 77%罚球命中率


[DEN] Andre IguodalaSmash_Brothers 5 points 2 hours ago 

Jamal Murray

But seriously, Lillard


好吧不开玩笑, 利拉德。

Pelicanspoverty_monster1 6 points 2 hours ago 





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